- Vejen som arbejdsplads - TRIN I (Engelsk)
DATO19. - 20. maj 2020 PRISKr. 6.600,00 ekskl. overnatning
STEDScandic Hotel Glostrup, Brøndby FRISTGennemført
TIDTirsdag den 19. maj: 08.30 - 16.00
Onsdag den 20. maj: 08.30 - 15.15
ANTAL9 deltagere TILMELDING Kontakt VEJ-EU
KONTAKTBetina Flansmose Kragh, 20604833
Vejen som arbejdsplads - TRIN I (Engelsk)
The road as a workplace

Correct marking saves lives

Benefit from the course
You will be able to correctly apply the road standards for roadworks.

You will get an insight into the importance of road safety as well as which factors affect accidents. With this knowledge you will be able influence the safety for road users as well as the employees who perform roadworks on the Danish road network.

You will learn about

» Insight into the basic standards for signs/markings for roadworks and instructions on how to behave when performing road works
»How to use signs and markings in specific cases
» Marking plans, responsibilities, supervision and interaction with the police
» Legislation and road standards
» Equipment that may be used for marking roadworks
» Signs/markings for stationary and mobile roadworks
» Safety regulations for road workers
» Marking of vehicles and construction machinery
» Statistical overview of traffic accidents and the nature of the accidents
»Understanding of road safety
» Knowledge of speed as an accident factor

This is the course
The topics of the basic course are presented by switching between lectures, discussions and group work. The course will be completed with a test and a certificate will be issued upon passing the test.

The course is aimed at engineers, technicians, police, utility owners, entrepreneurs, foremen and others who are engaged in construction and maintenance works on the Danish road network.

Coursework managers are MSc Kristian Skoven Pedersen, The Danish Road Directorate and CEO Thomas Virenfeldt, Spanggaard & Virenfeldt Aps.

Special circumstances
Accommodation before and during the course is at your own expense. You must contact the hotel yourself if any accommodation is needed.

If you are dyslexic, then note it in the comment box at the time of sign up. Then we make sure you get help reading the test at the end of the course.

The certificate for STEP I is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. The certificate must be renewed before the old one expires.

The E-learning course “The road as a workplace” is a prerequisite for the STEP I and all course participants are offered the course free of charge.

If you have questions about which step you should choose on “The road as a workplace”, please call us.

Frequently asked questions.

Read the contents of STEP I, STEP II and STEP III in this description.
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